Waxwork Records is excited to kick off the Halloween season with their deluxe double album vinyl release of HOUSE 1 & 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks. Composed by Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th) the soundtracks to both House 1 & 2 are perfect for setting the appropriately spooky, yet whimsical mood at your Halloween party… or at any other time of the year!

House 1 & 2 are both bonafide 1980’s campy B-Movie-Horror at it’s finest. Waxwork Records is thrilled to have again teamed up with composer Harry Manfredini to acquire the original soundtracks to both cult-classic films, and re-master the complete recordings for vinyl. The deluxe double LP release marks Waxwork Records’ very first double soundtrack album. Disc 1 of the set features the re-mastered 1986 soundtrack to HOUSE, and Disc 2 features the re-mastered 1987 soundtrack to HOUSE 2: The Second Story.

HOUSE 1 & 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks features include 180 gram colored vinyl, deluxe packaging, old-style tip on gatefold jackets, re-mastered audio, and all new artwork by Gary Pullin.
The packaging layout of the album also features another first for Waxwork Records with the inclusion of a vertically illustrated inner gatefold jacket.

HOUSE 1 & 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks Features:

  • 180 gram 2xLP “Crystal Skull” colored vinyl (Crystal Clear Vinyl with Blue Smoke)
  • Double Soundtrack Vinyl!
  • Remastered For Vinyl
  • Deluxe Packaging
  • Old Style Gatefold Jacket
  • Vertically Illustrated Gatefold
  • All New Art by Gary Pullin

HOUSE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Side A

01. Opening Titles
02. The Abduction
03. Hey, Rog!
04. A Fiery SandyWitch
05. Ding-Bat Attack
06. 2nd Hand
07. Viet Memories / The Chimney

Side B

08. Big Ben Chase
09. Cujo The Racoon
10. Viet Rescue
11. TransparAuntie
12. Roger Gets A Hand
13. Close Shave

HOUSE 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Side C

01. Opening Titles
02. An Alternate Universe
03. Avast Ye Aztecs
04. There’s A Jungle In There!
05. Skulldiggery
06. Lookin’ For The Varmit Who Shot My Paw

Side D

07. Arnold The Barbarian
08. Ptera, Ptera, Ptera
09. I Love You, Gramps
10. A Rare Commodity
11. Finale Grande
12. Final Credits

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