Hans Zimmer's score propels us into Lecter's twisted psyche, evoking an atmosphere of foreboding and dread. The soundtrack alludes to many classical pieces, from the delicate 'Aria da capo' from Bach's Goldberg Variations, performed by Glenn Gould, to an off-key, subtly disturbing Blue Danube, with nods towards Mozart, and mixed with Zimmer's atmospheric electronica and haunting string melodies. Anthony Hopkins delivers three suitably chilling Lector monologues.

01. Dear Clarice (Side A)
02. Aria da capo (Goldberg Variations) (Side A)
03. The Capponi Library (Side A)
04. Gourmet Valse Tartare (Side A)
05. Avarice (Side A)
06. For A Small Stipend (Side A)
07. Firenze Di (Side A)
08. Virtue (Side B)
09. Let My Home Be My Gallows (Side B)
10. The Burning Heart (Side B)
11. To Every Captive Soul (Side B)
12. Vida Cor Meum - Patrick Cassidy (Side B)

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