Eye evil eye parsley and fennel is one of the classic cult comedies of the 80s, the most prolific decade in Italian cinemas For That cinematic genre. The movie is split into two episodes, the first featuring the absolute star Lino Banfi trying to find a jinx, and the second starring singer / actor Johnny Dorelli playing an amateur magician.

Our collaboration with Cabum publishing and the Subsequent discovery in Their vault of the complete original recording sessions, totally unreleased until now, gave us the opportunity for a new release dedicated to the music for cult Italian film That will entertain us with its fresh and funny style . The soundtrack Also features "Sheriff," the main titles of the movie One extraterrestrial sheriff ... little extras and very terrestrial, Which together with the main titles of eye evil eye parsley and fennel reflects the content of the 7-inch vinyl, highly collectible, with Enzo Sciotti's original artwork for Mad-Eye Eye parsley and fennel on the front cover and Renato Casaro's original artwork for One extraterrestrial sheriff ... little extras and very earth on the back. The 45rpm Also features a special edition for collectors, numbered. Mastered by Enrico De Gemini with graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini, available as a limited edition of only 400 copies. -beatrecords

Side A. Evil Eye Parsley And Fennel - Head Of Securities 3:00
Side B. Sheriff 4:20

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