Way ahead of their time, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza were an experimental collective fully based on improvised music. It was the only European group exclusively made of composers, instead of simple performers. The Group tried to break the schemes by making use of new instruments and electronic effects, reinventing new timbres, using the voice in an unconventional way. They were also known for the presence of Ennio Morricone on trumpet who, at the same time (1966), was also working as a soundtrack composer for Sergio Leone’s western movies!

Up until now all the works have been the fruit of a composer and that this open form was in reality still closed to a still greater opening. It was the presence in Rome of one of its principal members, the composer Larry Austin, that encouraged the formation of the IMPROVISATION GROUP OF THE NUOVA CONSONANZA, which is the only group in Europe formed exclusively of Composers.

  • LP includes bonus CD

01. Improvvisazione Per Otto
02. Trio Di Fiati
03. String Quartet
04. Improvvisazione Per Cinque
05. Quartetto
06. Trio Per Violoncello, Tromba E Lastra Di Cristallo
07. RKBA 1675/I
08. Cantata

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