Lunaris Records is proud to unleash the remastered and expanded original soundtrack for the 1984 cult horror film Hard Rock Zombies. Featuring an eclectic mixture of album orientated rock, heavy metal ballads and dreamy eighties synth-scapes composed and performed by Paul Sabu.

  • Limited Edition Color Vinyl pressing of 300 (Transparent Midnight Blue With Black Swirls)
  • Double sided insert featuring full color cover artwork and rare production stills
  • Mastered for vinyl by Joel Grind
  • Artwork by Devon Whitehead

01. Angel's First Victim
02. Shake It Out
03. Cassie's Warning
04. Cassie
05. Death Montage
06. It Don't Come Easy
07. Raise The Dead
08. Zombies Revenge
09. Cassie's Theme
10. Angel's Trophy Room
11. Street Angel (Mark Of The Devil
12. Midget Gets The Beef
13. Bucky Dines In
14. Arnold's Picnic
15. Matson's Last Deal
16. Zombies Lure Ghouls
17. Morte Ascendre
18. Hitler's Gas Chamber
19. Zombies Reprise
20. Angel's First Victim (Alternate)
21. Shake It Out (Alternate)

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