English language Marilyn Jess is an icon of French eroticism. This new book is the first ever dedicated to the film career of "Patinette" (her nickname), from her debuts to the erotic masterpieces directed by Gérard Kikoïne, Claude Mulot, or Jean Rollin. The book also takes a look at the US, Italian and German productions she starred in, her collaboration to cult satirical magazine Hara Kiri and her photo novels, and investigates extensively the story of the movie she made with Traci Lords, Traci I Love you (1986). 304 pages of stories, anecdotes, firsthand accounts and many rare and unpublished pictures, and a complete filmography, as well as original pieces of art from illustrators and painters.Hardcover with softouch; 304 pages color format 25; 5x28 cm; English.

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