Exactly 40 years after the release of the Original Soundtrack for George A.Romero's masterpiece Dawn of the Dead, at the decree of fans, critics and media worldwide, the official current line-up of GOBLIN is unleashing a commemorative studio album, FEARLESS (37513 Zombie Ave).

The celebratory album unveils reimagined versions of the most significant tunes from their original iconic soundtrack, as well as new arrangements from Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria.

  • Limited Edition Beige Camouflage Vinyl
  • 180g, Gatefold Cover

01. L'Alba Dei Morti Viventi 7:39
02. Zombi 5:05
03. Oblio 5:21
04. La Caccia 4:19
05. Zaratozom 4:10
06. Sighs 3:51
07. Suspiria 4:59

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