KarlRecords presents a repress of Borders And Ruins (2017), Giulio Aldinucci's ambient masterpiece of sublime beauty and sacral majesty which made it onto several best-of lists of 2017. Giulio Aldinucci is an Italian sound artist working in the fields of experimental electroacoustic music, field recording and ambient soundscape. Born 1981 in Siena, his catalog comprises four solo albums on labels like Dronarivm (Chihei Hatakeyama, Aidan Baker), Time Released Sound or Home Normal ((HOMEN 067CD, 2016), (HOMEN 094CD, 2018)) plus EPs and collaborative albums. He has also written music for theater, video art, documentaries, and short movies and was awarded with an honorable mention at the 18th International Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2017 for his composition "Mute Sirens". Together with Attilio Novellino, Aldinucci launched the project Postcards From Italy which consists of an album published by Oak Editions, live events and an installation by AIPS Collective and Gianmarco Del Re. Borders And Ruins, his first album for KarlRecords, is a reflection on the instability of borders - borders as an extreme attempt to discriminate and rationalize that turns into a source of chaos and cultural ruins on both sides - and their impact on the relationship between people and territory. It is also a sonic diary, a constantly mutating soundscape where electronic sounds and field recordings (taken during several travels around the continent) blend into an ambient masterpiece of sublime beauty and sacral majesty.

01. Exodus Mandala 05:52
02. Division 07:27
03. Parole 06:35
04. Venus Of The Bees 04:44
05. The Pray (Dissonant Ascension) 10:22
06. Chrysalis 05:21 listen
07. The Sunken Horizon 02:43
08. The Skype Cloud And Your Smile On 06:11

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