Two years after the stunning AFRICA OSCURA, Four Flies Records is back with another gem from Giuliano Sorgini’s secret archives, to unearth some of his darkest, eeriest music: pieces composed in the mid-70s for some of the most infamous, low-budget horror movies ever made in Italy.

A journey into the mysterious atmospheres of the Italian occult-sounding music of the time, something very close to the dark electronic masterpieces that made Sorgini famous, such as ZOO FOLLE or THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE. OCCULTO features ten previously unreleased tracks characterized by enigmatic moods, obscure beats and esoteric themes.

  • LP w/ inner sleeve designed by Luca Barcellona
  • Previously unreleased

01. Nella Foresta 01:16
02. Messa Nera 03:44
03. Telecinesi 03:16
04. Sabbath 01:17
05. Talismano 02:16
06. Ombre Minacciose 04:06
07. Nella Nebbia 10:15
08. Catacombe 03:29
09. Oscuri Presagi 02:24

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