First in a series of 4 late-summer 2009 blasters from Mr. P.C. C.P. - a reproduction of this über-obscure 1969 Italian Leo-label library R@ER - in Mono, no less - from Giuliano Sorgini. If you already have Sorgini’s name on your radar, most likely you’re either :: (1) a collector of Italian library-music LPs, of which he has many under his belt or (2) an avid fan of Spanish director Jorge Grau’s 1975 film “Non Si Seve Profanare il Sonno dei Morti” - aka “The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue,” or, more commonly, “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie," widely repped as one of the best zombie films ever made - to which Sorgini lent his formidable film-score talents. Starting here with some fine Farfisa rumble, Sorgini layers on piles of spectrally-processed - read : band-pass filtered - chord-clouds, before a huge wave of bleep-heavy Musique Concrète noises take over the scene, obliterating any trace of rhythm and/or melody. In fact, over the 13 short vignettes here, both the Farfisa and melodic percussion elements act out the leitmotifs, but rarely are they left to be for more than a few seconds at a time before crashing, tape-speed manipulated noises interject, lending a flair of orchestrated madness seldom heard amidst the “Groovy” studio-library sides of the time. Upgraded C.P. spec here, including full-color everything - even high-quality reproductions of the LP itself in the “Gatefold,” As we wind down to C.P. #100 - the planned “Final” volume, we’re only 10 or so away -expect these next few to be real doozies. -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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