Italian disco pioneer and electronic music legend Giorgio Moroder teams up with producer Raney Shockne to compose the soundtrack for the USA crime drama ‘Queen Of The South’

The duo’s album, which spans 28 tracks, was informed by Moroder’s work on soundtracks like ‘Midnight Express’, ‘American Gigolo’, and ‘Cat People’, capturing the kind of operatic grandeur that can’t help but forecast tragedy while also reflecting the series’ high-stakes thrills.

  • Pressed on 2 x Silver Vinyl
  • Housed in a beautifully designed gatefold sleeve with each disc in a double sided printed inner bag

01. The Queen Of The South
02. Escapar
03. Cemetery Stroll
04. Everybody Wants To Rule
05. The World (feat. Luz Elena Mendoza)
06. The Lifestyle
07. Saga De Sangre
08. The Gospel Of Teresa
09. Perico
10. Sinaloa
11. The Book Of Falling Kings
12. One Way Or Another (feat. Chloe Chaidez)
13. Moyocoyotzin
14. Cuerno De Chivo
15. Amarrar
16. Halcones
17. Sacrament For The Mule
18. Fusilados
19. Transport
20. Pozolero
21. Confession
22. The Turn
23. Hangman
24. Levanton
25. A Queen Is Born Not Made
26. Dreaming Of Spain
27. La Pared
28. Tarnished Crown
29. The Color Of Snow

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