Garofano Rosso is the latest project by Italian producer Giorgio Luceri, perhaps better known for his work on Jamal Moss’ Mathematics label. This new work eschews the house stylings of previous releases in favour of a more classic Cosmic approach. Echoes of Tangerine Dream’s Thief OST mixed with what could perhaps be the imaginary soundtrack to Miami Vice if it had infact been set in Rimini and starred Maurizio Merli as Sonny Crockett. These are not however just mere mood pieces, but take the sun, the sea and the body-count straight to the dancefloor. Not to be missed. Mastered by Alek Stark. Artwork by Eric Lee. Always Limited.

A1. Buio
A2. La Strada Sbagliata
A3. La Polizia Ha Aperto Il Fuoco
B1. La Vera Storia di Steve Suaro Dionigi
B2. Rosso all'occhiello

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