Dorsal Fin is a sonic dive into deep blue space, though not the uncharted reaches of the cosmos but the vastness of the ocean. Future Museums, aka Neil Lord, has built a discography founded in light and life; songs owing a debt to classic Komische and Berlin School, while accentuating the genre with his own personal touches and musical eccentricities.

His latest and first release with SFI Recording sees the Texas-based musician creating and album-length ode to the ocean and it's ecological universe. It also extends to man's evasive nature when it comes to the waters that surround us. Dorsal Fin shines in electronic buoyancy; shimmering synths, crystalline guitar lines, and a sonic positivity that relishes in the beauty that surrounds us.

- J Hubner

  • Standard Edition of 200x copies on Black Vinyl in a screenprinted jacket
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