After much delay, this is the debut full length Frostveil album. This release shows Frostveil proving their extreme proficiency not just with the dungeon synth style presented on "Antediluvian Majesty", but with black metal as well - which not many can stake a claim to...! 

A long hard journey of melancholic expression, nostalgic sounds to crumble the soul and destroy from within!! Australian atmospheric black metal madness!!

Limited to 150 copies with 4 panel j-card and imprinted tape. With download card included.

01. Echoes of Inexistence 02:51
02. Valiance 05:12
03. Tormented by Life (Feat. Josh Gee) 09:13
04. Orlok 07:58
05. Longing 07:25
06. Writhing in Tender Anguish 10:25
07. Tranquil Reflections 02:20
08. Ephemeral Visions (Feat. Chris Gebauer) 06:07
09. Salvation 09:33
10. Descent of the Final Cold 02:06

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