Never released before on LP, here are the complete original soundtracks of French cult film composer François de Roubaix for director Yves Boisset. Two movies that embody the two sides of Francois de Roubaix's approach to recording. For Le Saut De L'Ange (1971) the self-taught composer wrote an orchestration for some fifty musicians playing strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion with two distinct solo instruments alternating the main theme: Indian sitar on the one hand and accordion on the other. This beautiful score creates the seam that binds Bangkok to Marseille, the two places where the action takes place. Le Saut De L'Ange was originally released as a 7" in 1971. R.A.S (1973) was recorded on a 8-track tape recorder, in François de Roubaix's home studio rue de Courcelle, where most of his '70s scores were recorded. The result is a mix of military-march rhythms, rolls on the snare-drum with sounds of Synthi AKS synthesizer: de Roubaix invented a modern sound for this contemporary-history tragedy. Includes extensive liner notes.

01. 01_Le Saut de l'ange_V1_edit
02. 02_Drive-in_01_edit
03. 03_Retour à Marseille_edit
04. 04_Louis Orsini_edit
05. 05_Cobra_edit
06. 06_Pour Senta_edit
07. 07_Le Saut de l'ange_V2_edit
08. 08_Valse du souvenir_edit
09. 09_Drive_In_edit
10. 10_Le Saut de l'ange_V3_edit
11. 11_Percussions_bonus_edit
12. 12_R A S_edit

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