Italian free jazz milestone. Here's Franco Tonani (Night In Fonorama) (1964) at the drums together with top Italian jazz musicians of the time for a full free jazz/avant-garde session. Tracks like "Shepping", "Odd Piece" and "Whisper" are high-class bopping jazz cues with Tonani killing at the drums. Other weird and avant-garde themes on both of the sides. Legendary Italian jazz album!

  • 180 gram vinyl.
  • Remastered sound.
  • Released 500 copies.

01. All'origine (Prima Parte) (2:53)
02. All'origine (Seconda Parte) (2:01)
03. Shepping (8:08)
04. Odd Piece (8:10)
05. Whisper (3:46)
06. Why Not (Prima Parte) (5:28)
07. Why Not (Seconda Parte) (3:57)
08. Lamento (8:23)

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