The disturbing soundtrack of 7 Hyden Park - La Casa Maledetta, directed by Alberto De Martino in 1985 and composed by Francesco De Masi, author and Roman arranger already famous for classic B-movie soundtracks such as 1982's Lo Squartatore Di New York (The New York Ripper) and 1983's Fuga Dal Bronx (Escape From The Bronx). For a long time associated with "genre cinema", De Masi had an innate passion for primitive electronics. A long suite divided into 14 movements that best describe the climate of tension and the upcoming deadlines of the featured film, a Gothic thriller in the orbit of meta-horror. The music -- sometimes a bit of a timbral, but often deliberately descriptive and overwhelming -- pin of synths and analog machines, capable of defining the desperate plot of the film. A classic, fully restored and presented here for the first time on vinyl.

A1. House In The Park
A2. Dreadful Cellar
A3. Twisted Mind
A4. So Many Corpses
A5. Girl And Violence
A6. House In The Park
A7. Fear And Blood
B1. House In The Park
B2. Dreadful Cellar
B3. In The Past
B4. Cursed House
B5. Falling
B6. Handicapped Girl
B7. Young Nightmare

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