Kami 神 is the fourth opus of Foudre!, a telluric drone quartet composed of Frédéric D. Oberland (Oiseaux-Tempête, Le Réveil des Tropiques, The Rustle Of The Stars, FareWell Poetry), Romain Barbot (Saåad), Grégory Buffier (Saåad, Autrenoir), and Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf, Autrenoir, Extreme Precautions) who meet punctually for sessions of ritual improvisation where they invoke noise and drone and the deities of chaos. Improvised and recorded live at Le Rex de Toulouse supporting the tenth anniversary of French doom metal band Monarch!, Kami 神 extends the cosmogony and the sound of the band by taking excursions into the invisible and ambiguous side of nature. In this orgiastic and surprising mix of sonic textures and rhythms, one may hear strange phenomena, summoning of animistic spirits, shamanic calls, siren yellings and growls. The original chemigram artwork was created by French artist Fanny Béguély by painting with chemicals on light-sensitive paper. Following the sold-out Earth soundtrack (GZH 071LP, 2015), Kami 神 delivers an immersive soundscape for abstract clubbers, where Kosmiche electronic, power ambient and industrial punk music are freely invited to commune. This pagan ceremonial is an ode to the ever-changing vortex of life, a sonic dream machine for the occurring now.

01. Raijin 01:30 listen
02. Tsukuyomi 01:30 listen
03. Ame-no-Uzume 01:30 listen
04. Fujin 01:30 listen
05. Hachiman 01:30

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