Limited to 250 copies with dual sided full color 5 panel j-card. Includes redemption card for Bandcamp streaming/download.

Long time Out of Season collaborator Foglord returns with his newest full length of nature ambient music recorded in 2020. This album provides a stark contrast to one of the most turbulent years in history, with soothing melodies and a sense of calm throughout the album. If you're looking for an album to relax to and clear you mind, this comes very highly recommended.

01. Tales From the Woods 03:37
02. The Sleeping Mountain Awakens 04:14
03. Ruins in the Mist 03:21
04. Walking Through the Countryside 03:00
05. Memories Along the North Hill 03:18
06. House in the Hollow 03:15
07. A Breeze in the Meadow 02:39
08. The Guardian 02:45
09. Woodland Majesty 02:59
10. Whispering Wood 02:24
11. In the Forest of Lights (A New Way of Seeing) 03:49
12. Garden Gate 04:12
13. Blossom 04:42
14. Castle of Flowers 02:43
15. Sunset / Reflections of Starlight 04:23

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