Reissue of the extremely hard to find 2013 album by Foglord, originally released in a scant edition of 50 by Mithrim Records (UK).

Now presented in an edition of 150 copies, with updated layout and cleaned up sound, with 5 panel j-card in white/clear norelco box, with DL card included.

A1. Intro - The Awakening 02:19
A2. Reflections Of A New Realm 04:56
A3. Passage 02:30
A4. Journey In A Dream 03:53
A5. The Fullmoon Over Forgotten Ruins 03:30
A6. Pt. I Forest Sense 03:28
A7. Pt. II Under The Dusk Sky 01:15
B8. Wandering Through Lost Lands 07:36
B9. Spirit Of The Ancient Woodland 05:29
B10. An Old Wisdom 02:35
B11. Vættir 03:08
B12. Sanctum Of Moss - Outro 04:01

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