Evel Knievel was the world's greatest motorcycle daredevil. Very few people in the world would even try what he does, and no one so far has done it quite as well or nearly as spectacularly. Over the course of his career, he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps; in 1974, he failed an attempted canyon jump across Snake River Canyon in the Skycycle X-2, a steam-powered rocket. This is the original and only album that was released at the time of his now historic Snake River Canon jump. While he failed, the album went on to sell hundreds of thousands copies in department stores and free standing record outlets.

  • 12 inch picture disc in a clear vinyl sleeve inserted into a custom printed jacket

01. Prologue
02. Press Conference
03. Why (featuring Carl Setty)
04. Ballad of Evel Knievel (feat. Evel Knievel)
05. Evel Speaks to the Kids
06. Evel Talks of the Future (Reprise) [Ballad of Evel Knievel]

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