Exotica masterpiece finally reissued! This record is produced by Martin Denny, arranged by pianist Paul Conrad and features vintage Exotica's second lady who is only outclassed by the Peruvian chantress Yma Sumac. It's Exotic Dreams, released in 1958, that puts "the enticing voice of Ethel Azama" (1934 -- 1984), a Hawaiian jazz singer, into the spotlight. Martin Denny discovered her a few years later and was able to negotiate with his house label Liberty Records, which granted Azama the opportunity to release one LP on which Denny also provides the liner notes (on a side note, Jimmie Rodgers succeeded with his negotiations as well, granting Azama a contract for a second LP in 1959). Exotic Dreams is one of those superb records that live up to the hype due to both the beautiful voice of the singer and the exotic arrangement alike, causing the listener to execrate the missed opportunities of releasing further material, as Azama faded into obscurity shortly thereafter despite her obvious talent, various gigs in Hawaiian and Australian night clubs and her recurring role in the '70s TV series Hawaii Five-0.

A1. Ringo Oiwake (2:35)
A2. Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree (2:36)
A3. Shady Lady Bird (2:45)
A4. Lazy Afternoon (2:57)
A5. Friendly Island (2:46)
A6. Green Fire (2:53)
B1. Kawohikukapulani (2:54)
B2. Speak Low (2:46)
B3. Mountain High, Valley Low (3:10)
B4. Happy Talk (2:40)
B5. Nightingale (2:36)
B6. Autumn Leaves (2:46)

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