Espectrostatic’s 3rd LP, Silhouette, comes to vinyl for the first time as a hand-numbered limited edition of 500 on transparent Spectre Blue wax with download card. Including re-imagined artwork and insert by Hauntlove.

Silhouette, the follow-up LP to 2014’s Escape from Witchtropolis, is a seductive and enthralling mix of creepy horror and melodic beauty.

Alex Cuervo’s Espectrostatic moniker once again manages to create its own world and effortlessly draws you into his dark creation. As soon as the opening track ‘The Corridor' begins you know immediately whose dystopian world you have entered.

The melancholic beauty of ‘The Day We Were Captured’ will melt you without remorse, building synth upon synth atmosphere. There is also a fun and teasing side as highlighted on ‘Dead End City’ with its post punk drums and guitar flare.

  • Transparent blue vinyl, with insert and download card
  • Artwork re-imagined by Hauntlove
  • Limited to 500 copies worldwide

01. The Corridor 03:12
02. The Day We Were Captured 02:15
03. Shiver 02:16
04. Dead End City 02:21
05. The Modern Curse 02:00
06. Silhouette 02:45
07. Pa-ral-y-sis 03:37
08. The Delirium Of Negation 03:39
09. Ghost Rocket 04:38
10. The Weeping Willows 02:21

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