Sonor Music Editions present a reissue of Enzo Scoppa and Cicci Santucci's Mirage, originally released in 1971. Absolute mythical Italian library LP out of the New Tape micro-label vaults. Mirage is an album signed by SCOEN, aka Enzo Scoppa, and actually composed and arranged by Francesco Cicci Santucci, originally released in 1971 in an edition of 100 copies only. Dreamy collectors' item and super obscure gem, this outstanding LP is another must-have jewel from the unlimited Italian music library production of the '70s and easily one of the top of this game. What we have is mental jazz-funk beats with fat basslines and killer drum breaks, bewitching exotica groove, and dope lounge moods, all driven by a solid groovy key for the whole album. Another monster Italian library is just filed.

  • Edition of 500

01. Isabelle
02. Hot Pants
03. Tenerife
04. Eleven
05. Ustica
06. Folksom
07. Contatto
08. Mirage
09. Guanabara
10. Raggio Zero
11. Mireille
12. Attica

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