Un Sacco Bello (1980) represents Carlo Verdone's film debut as an actor, writer and director following his television years. It marks his first collaboration with Ennio Morricone. A rhythmic funky piece opens both the film and album, but the bulk of the soundtrack is based on variations of theme for Marisol, the Spanish girl in the film that Ennio Morricone describes with different styles and arrangements: rhythmic and vivacious, slow and nostalgic for flute and guitar, romantic and dreamy performed by the orchestra, and a slow, rhythmic passage with moog. A samba for trumpet with mute, percussion and moog describes the atmosphere of a bourgeois living room. The finale of the film features the unmistakable whistle of Alessandro Alessandroni and the flugelhorn of Oscar Valdambrini accompanied by the orchestra. In 1980, Cinevox Records released a 45rpm single with the themes "Un Sacco Bello (Titoli di coda)" and "Un salotto borghese." Then, in 2002, they released a CD entitled Bianco Rosso E Morricone, featuring selections from "Un Sacco Bello" and "Bianco Rosso e Verdone." For this new edition with a duration of 40:00, Beat Records was able to access the first-generation stereo master tapes of the recording sessions, discovering three unreleased tracks: an alternate version of "Un salotto borghese" and two versions of the love theme vocalized by Nora Orlandi, who carries the motif through the end credits. A fitting homage to the art of Ennio Morricone and Carlo Verdone. Licensed from Cinevox.

  • White & Green Vinyl

01. Un Sacco Bello (Titoli Di Testa) (4:29)
02. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Primo) (3:28)
03. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Secondo) (2:23)
04. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Terzo) (3:07)
05. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Quarto) (1:15)
06. Un Salotto Borghese (3:06)
07. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Quinto) (1:56)
08. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Sesto) (0:31)
09. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Settimo) (3:01)
10. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Ottavo) (2:01)
11. Un Sacco Bello (Tema Di Marisol Nono) (2:36)
12. Un Sacco Bello (Titoli Di Coda) (2:59)
13. Un Sacco Bello (M35) (3:08)
14. Un Salotto Borghese (M33 1A version) (3:07)
15. Un Sacco Bello (M40) (2:07)

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