For the 1979 cult sci-fi movie L'umanoide (The Humanoid), directed by Aldo Lado (credited as George B. Lewis), the legendary Ennio Morricone composed a score of catchy, futuristic, synthesizer-based arrangements with great electro-orchestral disco grooves and dissonant atmospheric soundscapes, marking quite a departure from his usual style. This is the first release of the complete soundtrack on vinyl. Limited edition of 1000 transparent blue LPs.

A1. Un Uomo nello Spazio
A2. Estasi Stellare
A3. Infanzia, Evoluzione e Ritorno
A4. Trasmissione Difettosa, Rotazione e Rivoluzione
A5. Incontri a Sei
B1. Informale Primo
B2. Robodog
B3. Informale Secondo
B4. Estasi Stellare, pt. 2
B5. Trasmissione Difettosa, Rotazione e Rivoluzione, pt. 2
B6. Informale Primo, pt. 2
B7. Infanzia, Evoluzione e Ritorno, pt. 2
B8. Estasi Stellare, pt. 3

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