Although this wasn’t directed by but Sergio Leone, but by the less known Giulio Petroni, “Tepepa” is one of the best films in the spaghetti western genre, thanks to a perfect synopsis – even if as set in the ‘abused’ Mexican Revolution of the early ‘900 – to a trio of exceptional actors and, finally, to Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack.

The protagonists are in fact the immovable doctor John Steiner, the histrionic revolutionary Tomas Milian and the massive Colonel Orson Welles, a unique and practically unrepeatable combination, however directed in a ‘leone-ish’ way by Petroni, who often focuses on large panoramas and close-ups on the character’s faces. As always, Morricone means quality: for “Tepepa” the Maestro creates a memorable soundtrack, dominated by strings and, curiously, by the acoustic guitar!

Reissued several times on CD, this album has awaited for a vinyl reprint for 35 long years! When the film was premiered in the theatres (1969) just a the single 45rpm “Viva la Revolucion / In Mexico I would like” had been released; both songs are of course included here, the second of which is sung by Christy (stage name of Mary Cristina Brancucci) in a very felt and compelling way.

  • 180gr ltd. ed. clear orange vinyl

01. Viva la revolucion
02. Tepepa e Price
03. Tradimento primo
04. A metà strada
05. Una rosa
06. Consegna delle armi
07. Una povera casa
08. Ondas de amor - serenade
09. Al Messico che vorrei
10. Viva la revolucion
11. Tradimento secondo
12. Tepepa e Price (#2)
13. Tradimento primo (#2)
14. Tepepa (marcetta)
15. Tepepa (tema d'amore)
16. Tepepa (fragrante melodia)
17. Viva la revolucion (#7)
18. Al Messico che vorrei (instrumental version)

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