It is a proud day for Death Waltz Recording Company as we prepare to release a score by one of the biggest composers in film music history. Ennio Morricone (ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, CINEMA PARADISO, ORCA: KILLER WHALE) has produced masterpiece after masterpiece, but none so creatively unsettling as his score to the 1971 Lucio Fulci giallo A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN (aka UNA LUCERTOLA CON LA PELLE DI DONNA). Like many of Fulci’s movies, LIZARD blurs the line between dreams and reality, with hedonistic nightmares featuring narcotic-fuelled orgies leading to real murder that may or may not have been committed during one of the dreams. Morricone’s music is as unhinged as the film itself, mixing post-sixties funk and jazz with increasingly uncomfortable effects to provide a haunting and biting backdrop for the turn of the century thriller. As always, elements of the maestro’s music are beautiful, with ethereal vocals by regular collaborator Edda dell’Orso, and this works even better in stark contrast with the harsher sections, with eerie woodwinds, the requisite whistling, wind instruments that sound like coyote howls, and low rhythmic bass that hits your head and your stomach at a point where you start to wonder if someone else is if the house with you. Still, if you’re going to be graphically murdered, A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN is the soundtrack to have it done to you by.

01. La lucertola
02. Magia nera
03. Giorno di notte
04. La lucertola
05. Che strano
06. Mimetizzata
07. Notte di giorno
08. Sfinge
09. Spostato ad est
10. A Lucio Fulci
11. Spiriti
12. Ancora ad est
13. Sole sulla pelle
14. Nenia per una bambola
15. Che strano - II version
16. Giorno di notte
17. Sfinge
18. Fondate paure
19. Mimetizzata
20. A Lucio Fulci
21. La lucertola
22. Che strano
23. Notte di giorno
24. La lucertola

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