Ennino Morricone delivered more of the same dramatic conflict on his score for the 1968 Western ‘La Resa Dei Conti’, this time mixing in a bit of atmospheric formlessness among his more romantic and orchestral sounds. There’s some vampiric-sounding organs as well as one of those ascending, judgement day tunes that’s expected of a Western: the strings come into play and the choir gets heavy with the tension.

01. Run Man Run
02. La Vedova
03. La Caccia
04. La Corrida
05. Dopo La Condanna
06. Primo Deserto
07. La Condanna
08. La Resa
09. Seconda Caccia
10. Arriva Cucillo
11. Seconda Condanna
12. Secondo Deserto
13. Corri Uomo Corri

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