Quartet Records presents the premiere vinyl edition of killer soundtrack by Ennio Morricone for the 1975 police thriller IL GIUSTIZIERE (aka THE HUMAN FACTOR).

Directed by Hollywood veteran by Edward Dmytryk, the film stars George Kennedy, John Mills, Raf Vallone and Rita Tushingham. The plot is about John Kinsdale (Kennedy), a computer engineer whose family gets brutally murdered while he is working in Naples on a top secret project. Aided by fellow engineer Janice (Tushingham), Kinsdale uses a combination of his expertise as well as brute force to take revenge on the left-wing terrorists—Charles Bronson style!

Morricone’ score comes from the composer’s fertile period of poliziotteschi thrillers and “Years of Lead” dramas that he approached in a similar manner. The music features several variations on the beautiful family theme which eventually gains new meaning as Kinsdale must carry the burden on his own. The music for the terrorists features the psychedelic, percussion-heavy and often ostinato-based cues that Morricone typically reserved for the steamy chaos of his poliziottecshi titles.

The score of IL GIUSTIZIERE hasn’t ever been previously released on vinyl. This premiere edition has been produced and mastered by Chris Malone using the first-generation analogue stereo master tapes and pressed in 180 GM audiophile black vinyl.

01. Il Giustiziere
02. Terroristi!
03. Gusto di Vendetta
04. Il Giustiziere #2
05. Terroristi! #2
06. Vite Cancellate
07. TerroRisti! #3
08. Vite Cancellate #2
09. Il Giustiziere #3
10. Terroristi! #4
11. Vite Cancellate #3

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