Originally titled FEBRUARY, Osgood Perkins’ debut film was a festival hit in 2015 and has now been picked up for wider distribution by A24 under a new title, THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER. The film is a bleakly desolate slow burn, harkening back to such classics as ROSEMARY’S BABY & LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH with its brooding atmosphere and emphasis on perpetual unease and dread rather than jump scares. It’s a remarkable debut, signaling the arrival of a real talent.

The soundtrack was written by Elvis Perkins (Osgood’s younger brother, who released the critically acclaimed albums ASH WEDNESDAY & DEARLAND). Here he has created a dark eerie masterpiece that fuses classic 1970s horror soundtrack tropes with his traditional folk roots and jazz infused inflections of Angelo Badalamenti. Forgoing synth work for traditional instruments and an experimental atonal vibe, its beguiling, otherworldly, and not of its time, which is exactly why it sounds so vital right now. This soundtrack is a rare beast indeed, uninterested in instant gratification and providing an easy one shot listen; this is a score to be savoured and poured over many times.

01. Vignette - Panacea
02. Vignette - Visions
03. Titan
04. Wisdom's Tragedy
05. Seeds of the Crown
06. Vignette - Corruption
07. The Midnight Wood
08. Gaol in the Deep
09. The Resonant Canyon
10. Stasis Awakening
11. The Last General
12. The Winding Ridge
13. Cult of the Zealous
14. Cascades
15. The Refiner's Fire
16. Mycelium
17. Acropolis Falls
18. A Chorus of Tongues
19. The Hermit
20. The Water Shelf
21. Petrichor
22. The Gauntlet
23. The Sentients
24. The Abyss
25. Chimera
26. Panacea
27. The Heirloom

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