During the '70s the Italian public television -- RAI -- used to broadcast disturbing and paranoid dramas, being the subject whether the bottom of the sea or the so-called "educational" movies. Obviously, all these images needed a musical counterpart. Libraries more often. These ad hoc soundtracks were handled by shady characters, a number of composers on the border of classical avant-garde, electronic space age and even breezy Italian pop. Some of those names are pretty much familiar: Ennio Morricone, for example. Or even mythological too, as in the case of Piero Umiliani. But the brightest and maybe the most inspiring was Egisto Macchi. E.S.P. was a four-part television series produced by Rai in 1973, directed by Daniele D'Anza, and aired from Sunday, May 27 1973 to Sunday, June 17, 1973.

A1. E.S.P. - M 4 (4:59)
A2. E.S.P. - M 8 (1:29)
A3. E.S.P. - M 15 (4:43)
A4. E.S.P. - M 1 (1:27)
A5. E.S.P. - M 16 (2:13)
A6. E.S.P. - M 33 (1:27)
B1. E.S.P. - M 35 (3:08)
B2. E.S.P. - M 20 (3:56)
B3. E.S.P. - M 29 (3:22)
B4. E.S.P. - M 32 (5:39)

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