Modern Silence present a reissue of Metamorphoses, originally released in 1980. A Russian album of electronic interpretations of "classical" pieces by Claude Debussy, Claudio Monteverdi along with John Bull, Vladimir Martynov, Sergei Prokofiev, J. S. Bach, Edward Artemiev and Yuri Bogdanov. Yuri Bogdanov is featured on every track, on some tracks together with Edward Artemiev, composer for Andrei Tarkovsky, and others. Other tracks feature Vladimir Martynov. From the original liner notes: "The record is made on the basis of a kaleidoscope: it is interspersed with pieces of various styles, genres and eras. For example, with these pieces, the authors wanted to show a variety of ways to use a synthesizer, starting with the direct simulation of now or once existing instruments, to the establishment of new not yet known sound systems. Thus, the record is like a small musical walk through time (...)"

A1. Le Vent Dans Le Plaine (Claude Debussy)
A2. Io Mi Son Giovinetta (Claudio Monteverdi)
A3. Why Ask You? (John Bull)
A4. Spring Etude (Vladimir Martynov)
A5. Sarcasms (Sergei Prokofiev)
A6. Canope (Claude Debussy)
B1. Summer Canon [Unknown Artist]
B2. Morning In The Mountains (Vladimir Martynov)
B3. Goldberg Variations Nos. 5 And 8 (J. S. Bach)
B4. Voiles (Claude Debussy)
B5. Motion (Edward Artemiev, Yuri Bogdanov)

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