Earthling Society's Mo - The Demon was recorded at Leeds College of Music between November 2017 - February 2018. The basis of the album was to record an imaginary soundtrack to the Shaw Brothers's bat-shit psychedicrazy kung fu horror film The Boxer's Omen (1983) aka Mo or Demon. The story is an everyday one. After a Hong Kong kick boxer is paralyzed by a cheating Thai competitor, his mobster brother vows revenge and journeys to Thailand for a duel. Along the way, our hero is met by bizarre visions, enters into a Buddhist monastery, and begins a quest to save the soul of a deceased monk (his twin brother in a past life) who died at the hands of a powerful black magician. We've all been there. However, the movie descends into a kind of spiritual Jodorowsky -mushroom fest that is completely deranged and is therefore one of those perfect midnight movies. Earthling Society on the recording process, "So we got free studio time at LCM in November and just went 'fuck it' let's make an imaginary soundtrack in homage to such a great movie, taking inspiration from all things musical that have inspired us over the years: Berlin-era David Bowie, prime Magazine circa Correct Use Of Soap (1989), electric Miles Davis, Caravanserai (1972)-era Santana, Embryo, and god knows what else. It doesn't really matter as it all ends up Earthling Society; we think we've made a groovy as fuck concept. Then, invited back in February we decided to record two stand-alone pieces "Spring Snow" and "Jetavina Grove" and bring all our space-rock elements and psych raga back into the fray. Throw in some super cool Korean vocals courtesy of Bomi Seo of Tirikiliatops and run the guitars through a Harmonizer H910 (as used by Tony Visconti on Low (1976) and Heroes (1977)) and it's the perfect swansong to the last 14 years of playing live and recording together.

  • Edition of 400 on translucent violet

A1. Theme from MO - The Demon
A2. King Boxer
A3. Inauguration In The Buddha Dome
A4. Mountains Of Bliss
A5.Super Holy Monk Defeats The Black Magic Muthafucker
B1. Spring Snow
B2. Jetavina Grove

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