The mighty dwarf returns with his follow-up to 2018's fantastic "The Red Book." Medieval dungeon synth based in middle-earth that would fit your next rpg session well.

  • Professionally duplicated tape with 2-sided imprint and 3 panel heavy cardstock j-card
  • Limited to 150
  • Packaged W/ Download Card

01. Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain 06:40
02. Splendours and Wonders of an Ancient Scroll 05:50
03. The Depth of Moria and Beyond 07:28
04. Arcanes & Wisdom of the High Warlock Cosmic Order 06:40
05. Glittering Halls of Ancient Might 05:27
06. Towards Antediluvian Megaliths, Through a Cosmic Gate of Glimmering Aether 05:54
07. Stygian Sorcery 05:27

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