Fantasy music of the highest order from the mighty Dungeontroll. This album grabbed us so much we had to present it in the vinyl format, with its beautiful artwork painstakingly restored from an original print.
All good stories must come to an end.. With these mournful melodies the mighty Dungeontroll is laid to rest, buried in the serene atmosphere of Ophior’s Grotto. His soul shines bright like the stars and is as endless as the night sky. May his stories live on for all eternity...!

  • High quality 180g pink vinyl LP with full color glossy poster included!

01. The Path to Aldor's Crypt 06:32
02. Whispers of the Gentle Forest 05:56
03. An Arrow of Light from the Bow of Orune 08:57
04. Battle at the Emerald Lake 06:35
05. As Twilight Fades, Our Heroes Fall.. 06:12
06. An Eternal Threnody for the Dungeontroll 09:08

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