The legendary Heinrich Dressel and former Simonetti’s Goblin bass player Federico Amoroso, team up for the collaboration of the year. Crawling from freshly cracked tombs, dripping with ooze and bloodlust, these 8 tracks are the perfect soundtrack to some long lost Italian Zombie epic or Supernatural Giallo. Nods to the greats, from that perfect Italian prog-rock bass sound, to the atmospheres of Frizzi and the disco groove of Carpenter. Unashamed hardware worship with the X firmly burned into the flesh at the alter of Elka. Giallo Disco is proud to present this masterwork from two Italian greats. Art by Eric A Lee. Mastered by Andrea Merlini.

  • Limited to 200 copies

01. Naked Body Found in Campitelly
02. DeathMeta
03. Thasette
04. Tema Di Monika
05. Black Lake O.D.
06. Kasilli 67030
07. Zombiscurry
08. Asylum Coronae

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