One of the rarest and best library albums from the Fonit Usignolo series. Actually the full soundtrack for an obscure Italian movie, this is one of the finest jazz-funk scores to come out of Italy in the 1970s. Full of poliziesco-styled sounds, sexy giallo & thriller grooves, dark cop themes with infectious flute stabs, clipped wah-wah, elegant spy jazz waltzes, funky drums, dope Rhodes, vertigo psychedelic guitars and basslines, panoramic lounge, eccentric funky-baroque, romantic themes and so on. The pinnacle of Italian arranger Alberto Baldan Bembo, a complete masterpiece!
Track Listing:

  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Remastered sound
  • Released 500 copies

A1. Milano Ore 19 (3:32)
A2. Nostalgia Per Eva (2:54)
A3. Omaggio Alla Scozia (2:32)
A4. Passeggiando Per Firenze (4:24)
A5. Autodromo Di Monza (4:34)
B1. Volo 059 Per Roma (4:08)
B2. Preludio In Do Minore (7:55)
B3. Tangenziale Ovest (3:18)
B4. Se Mi Manca Elisa (3:00)

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