Lunaris Records proudly presents Night Of The Demons – Original 1988 Motion Picture Soundtrack Composed by Dennis Michael Tenney! Comes in a Gatefold jacket with spot varnish, featuring new artwork from Devon Whitehead. Included are liner notes by Director Kevin Tenney & a lyric and photo insert + additional surprise insert. 

  • Double Red color vinyl set edition
  • Available for the first time ever on vinyl
  • Includes liner notes by director Kevin Tenney
  • Lyric and photo insert
  • Gatefold jacket with spot-varnish
  • All new artwork by Devon Whitehead
  • Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin

01. Night of the Demons Theme
02. Suzie Hides the Lipstick
03. The Burn
04. Henry Jogs
05. Judy Runs
06. Roger Runs for the Car
07. Suzie Strips
08. Helen Eats the Windshield
09. The Cue From Hell
10. Computer Date
11. Victims of the Press
12. The Beast Inside
13. Hull House 101
14. Check This Out/Be A Man!
15. The Séance/Coming From the Basement
16. The Possession Suite
17. Tall Tales/Suzy-Q, Where Are You?
18. Dancing With the Devil
19. Not a Bad Paint Job/Leaving So Soon?
20. Prey of the Demons/Soul Searching
21. How About an Orgy?/Run Judy, Run!
22. Nowhere to Go
23. Left Right, Left Right!
24. Fighting Back
25. Escape/The End?
26. Halloween Party FX 1
27. Halloween Party FX 2
28. Halloween Party FX 3

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