Northern California producer Fred Welton Warmsley III's solo work as Dedekind Cut has evolved from fractured industrial design into increasingly subdued and sublime ambient meditations across two years of dedicated activity. His second full-length collection Tahoe -- so named after the mountain lake town he now calls home -- swells with widescreen grandeur, evoking vistas both inner and outer. There are echoes of his earlier, more tempestuous mode in tracks like "MMXIX" and "Spiral" but overall the album skews panoramic and pensive, muted synthetic mists contoured with choral melody, field recordings, and radiant drone. His compositional instincts feel alternately classical, contemporary, and conflicted, befitting an artist whose discography spans divergent labels. Warmsley characterizes Tahoe as a "time peace", sifting through "the past, the present, future, and fantasy". Recorded in New York, Berlin, Cambridge, and Placer County, California. Includes cassette-only exclusive bonus track. Art by Micki Pellerano.

01. Equity 04:17
02. Crossing Guard 10:08
03. Tahoe 04:59
04. MMXIX 09:21
05. De-Civilization 03:36
06. Spiral 03:18
07. Hollow Earth 12:15
08. Virtues 04:25
09. Bonus Track 03:06

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