This 7” Ep was released summer 2012 as a start for the Exploit Series on Cineploit and is long sold out and a collectors item. As Cineploit will release Man-Eater aka Antropophagus this year for the first time in HD in a wonderfully designed 4 Disc Mediabook it is the right time to repress this 7” EP.

2 songs of “Antropophagus” and 1 track of “Le Notti erotichi dei Morti Viventi” executed by DEAK FERANCE & ROGER CONRAD and originally by Maestro MARCELLO GIOMBINI. The original recordings are lost and these cover versions are made as close as possible to the originals!

  • 7” EP orange & black Splatter Vinyl
  • printed Innersleeves
  • shrinkwrapped
  • limited 350 copies
  • Wonderful Cover and Innersleeve Art by original stills from the movies

01. Tema di Antropophagus (Antropophagus)
02. Le Catacombe (Antropophagus)
03. Tema Inizio di Le Notti Erotiche dei morti Viventi (Le Notti Erotiche dei morti Viventi)

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Exploit 01


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