Deadly Avenger is back, and this time to decimate your speakers with the raw throb and full-on heft of heavy drums and synth in a perfectly executed album dedicated to the power of the mighty Gojira.

'I AM GODZILLA, YOU ARE JAPAN' is an ode to the King of Monsters. Loud, brash and big, it’s a pure statement that Deadly Avenger is coming for you.

Vinyl version is colour in colour; crystal clear with pink. Comes with double sided insert and download card. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

All artwork by Luke Insect.

01. Destroyer of Planets 02:18
02. Kill All Kaiju 03:10
03. Skit_Fate of Ishiro 01:17
04. See You In Montauk 02:43
05. IAGYAJ 02:30
06. Skit_Cult of Cobra 01:05
07. Bones 03:20
08. Dorothy's Fortress 03:05
09. Skit_Ishiro's Dream 01:27
10. Invincible Preying Mantis 03:03
11. Mutante 02:49
12. The Death of Ishiro 04:22

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