Everyday Is Kill is the first new material from Damon Baxter (aka Deadly Avenger) in 8 years. Having previously released records on the legendary D.C Recordings & Wall Of Sound imprints, we here at Death Waltz Originals are thrilled to be releasing this brand new LP. You will have heard Deadly Avenger even if you don’t own any of his records – Over the last few years he has supplied music for trailers such as Ant Man, The Avengers & John Wick. He has created a neon-drenched nightmare of a record that can stand shoulder to shoulder alongside current synth wave heavyweights such as Le Matos, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator or composers such as Steve Moore and Cliff Martinez. It’s an assured mix of speaker crunching synth bangers and more contemplative tracks.

  • Pressed on 180g Gold vinyl
  • Artwork & Layout by Luke Insect

01. Surrender
02. The Legacy
03. Night Drive
04. C.H.U.G.
05. The Hidden
06. Last 5%
07. Strange Garden
08. Metrowave
09. Runaway
10. Encom
11. Dead Heat
12. Black Rain
13. Focus
14. Build Up
15. Videodrome

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