30th anniversary release of the cult classic film comes pressed on very neon green vinyl and housed in a full color inner sleeve covered in original photos and new notes. The story about a clique of high school girls and a psychopathic new student has turned into a theatrical phenomenon in recent years on both Broadway and London's West End as a musical. A TV show based on the movie debuted last year on the Paramount Network. The original LP has long been in demand. Of course, it's so very!

Side A
01. Strip Croquet
02. Suicide Note
03. J.D. Blows Up
04. The Forest
05. You're Beautiful
06. Martha Dumptruck
07. Third Funeral
08. Veronica and J.D.
09. First Funeral
10. The Dorm
11. Back To School
12. Forest Chase
13. Heather's Locker
14. Veronica's Shower

Side B
01. Into the Cafeteria
02. Veronica's Dream
03. J.D.'s Final Stand
04. Dorm Party
05. Croquet
06. Second Funeral
07. Poor Little Heather
08. J.D.'s Bomb
09. Petition Montage

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