This is a release that I think we can keep announcement text simple, because it is so essential that there is really nothing to introduce about Dark Storm. The tracks collected in this release, are everything Dark Storm recorded in early 90’s with both Barbarud Hrom and Vlad Blasphemer behind music, in another word this is an alternative incarnation of mighty Maniac Butcher in it’s evilest form, a sound that defined 90’s Czechia black metal, raw, barbaric and anti-christ.

Unreasonably underrated, while all Maniac Butcher albums enjoyed several pressings by different labels around the world, this piece of ICONIC Czechia black metal has never released on vinyl before. Originally this collection was issued on CD via equally infamous Unsound Records from Greece in 2002, then later planned as vinyl release by an unknown label but never happened, now for good or bad it is finally getting an immortal vinyl treatment in the Goat standard.

Release as 12”+7”, the 12” contains In Nomine Dark Storm Demo 1994 on side A, Four Lučan Emperors MCD 1996 on side B, the 7” contains War Victory EP 1995, originally suppose to be a standalone 7” release but later released as split 7” with Maniac Butcher.

The vinyl comes with sturdy Japanese style tip-on gatefold jacket and OBI. From both music and presentation perspective, this is THE ultimate reissue of definitive sound of Czechia black metal.

Four Lučan Emperors, 1996
A1 Intro 1:23
A2 Trial With All Gods 2:57
A3 Emperors Vengeance 4:39
A4 Vatican In Flames 3:45
A5 Svata Krev 3:36
A6 The Shedding Of Holy Blood 4:34
In Nomine Dark Storm, 1994
B1 The Rebirth 5:32
B2 Dark Storm 7:00
B3 Satan Has Already Risen 8:30
B4 In Nomine... 2:15
Black Horns Of Saaz
C1 War 4:34
C2 Victory 3:49

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