Specific Bis & The Omega Productions Records in collaboration with Eurociné present the premiere LP release of Daniel J. White, "Le Lac Des Morts Vivants" A.K.A "Zombie Lake".

"Zombie Lake" was made in 1980 by Jean Rollin, produced by Eurociné (Marius & Daniel Lesoeur). Jesús Franco was planned to direct but was replaced by Rollin at the very last minute. Rollin later said he deeply regretted having accepted as soon as he read the script. Jean Rollin felt so embarrassed by this film that he wouldn't admit for years he directed it, under the name J.A. Lazer. French date of release is May, 13th 1981.

"Nazi storm troopers who were killed in an ambush by villagers during WWII remain in the town's lake. They prey on unsuspecting young swimmers."

This release aims to reproduce Zombie Lake's complete original soundtrack, augmented with the exclusive French audio trailer.
Unfortunately, the original master tapes have been long gone and destroyed. Mixing the 35mm international version print sound tracks with Daniel J. White's library pieces while adding some cult quotes like "Promizoulin" and "Le Lac Le Lac ! Oh Le Lac !", this LP is the one and only way to enjoy Jean Rollin's zombie flick on your stereo.

  • Limited Collector's Edition in "vintage" release, including 180gr black vinyl

01. Opening ("Atlantide Story") 03:41*
02. Diurnal Melody For A Bird 01:03**
03. Aquatic Sequence (#1 - With SFX) 01:12
04. First Attack 01:46
05. ''Le Lac! Le Lac! Oh Le Lac!'' 00:12**
06. Love Scene (#1) (''Monologue Pour Piano'') 03:56
07. Nudist Sequence (With SFX) (''Joie'') 03:28*
08. Love Scene (#2) (''Eromantic Violins'') 03:07*
09. Aquatic Sequence (#2) 01:07
10. Love Scene (#3) (''Vox Intima'') 02:23*
11. Peasant Terror (#1 - With SFX) 02:25
12. "Promizoulin!" 00:47**
13. Aquatic Sequence (#3 - With SFX) 00:50
14. Paesant Terror (#2) 02:26
15. Horror 00:10
16. Love Scene (#4) 01:33
17. Aquatic Sequence (#4) 02:37
18. Night Symphony For A Bird 01:03**
19. Aquatic Sequence (#5) 00:47
20. Love Scene (#5) 03:15
21. Aquatic Sequence (#6) 00:43
22. Paesant Terror (#3) 01:41
23. Bonus: Zombie Lake Trailer 02:55

* Tracks from Daniel J. White's library music.
** Audio sample and quotes from the motion picture.

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