The Spheres announce the double-LP reissue of Current 93's classic Soft Black Stars. Originally released in 1998 in a vinyl edition of just 2000 copies, and on CD, this is the first official vinyl reissue. Remastered by The Bricoleur, this album contains all the released versions of the album's final track, "Chewing On Shadows" -- the original album track, as well as the two different versions used on the expanded CD release of 2004. Comes in a full-color sleeve, reproducing the original paintings by David Tibet, and a two-sided full-color insert.

A1. UnTitled
A2. Larkspur And Lazarus
A3. A Gothic Love Song
A4. MockingBird
A5. Soft Black Stars
B1. It Is Time, Only Time
B2. AntiChrist And BarCodes
B3. The Signs In The Stars
B4. Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still
B5. Moonlight, Or Other Dreams, Or Other Fields
B6. Judas As Black Moth
C1. Chewing On Shadows I
D1. Chewing On Shadows II
D2. Chewing On Shadows III

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