Tasmania horror synth master Crypt Vapor returns with a compilation of 3 previously digital only EP's (Black Horizons, Dies Irae and Endless Night) and a couple unreleased tracks spread out over two tapes. Pure Goblin, Carpenter and Frizzi worship.

Comes with inserts for each EP and enamel pin all housed in a reel box. Limited to 100 copies on professionally duplicated tapes. This will not be repressed in this exact 2xCS box edition again.

  • Cassette + Digital Album

01. Dies Irae 10:21
02. Black Horizons 04:16
03. Melting City 03:05
04. Singularity 02:58
05. Early Warning 04:45
06. Endless Night 04:21
07. Cocaine 06:51
08. Impostor 07:07
09. Before We Wake 02:57

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Death Shadow - 021

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