The psychedelic masterpiece nobody heard -- First ever official, authorized release of psychedelic mega-rarity. After a suffering an LSD-induced mental breakdown, Los Angeles-based songwriter Craig Smith renamed himself Maitreya Kali and custom-pressed Apache / Inca, a double-LP documenting his musical, personal, and spiritual journey. His message to the world, encoded on the album jackets in rambling, quasi-mystical Messianic verse, was urgent, desperate, delusional, and disturbing. Recorded between 1967 and 1971, the music tells a different story. Achingly beautiful, haunting acoustic folk songs; luminescent psychedelic folk-rock; eerie, off-kilter acid rock; fragments; field recordings -- all meticulously woven into a magical, mesmerizing whole. Apache / Inca is an extraordinary work. Not the dark, self-indulgent ramblings of a cracked Messiah, but a thoughtfully-crafted collection of work by a singer and songwriter of remarkable depth and talent whose world was falling apart. Soon afterwards Maitreya -- and Craig -- disappeared into the shadows. He died homeless in a North Hollywood Park in 2012. Decades after its creation, Apache / Inca was discovered by collectors and hailed as a psychedelic masterpiece. It is now one of the most revered and sought-after artifacts of the era. Includes seven tracks by the Penny Arkade, produced by Michael Nesmith. Top quality vinyl pressing at RTI; Heavy duty gatefold jacket by Stoughton Printing with all original artwork; Repro of unique Inca inner sleeve with Maitreya artwork; Limited edition of 500. 16-page, 11x11 book and insert.

01. Ice and Snow
02. Black Swan
03. Color Fantasy
04. Voodoo Spell
05. Salesman
06. Music Box Sound
07. Love is Our Existence
08. One Last Farewell
09. I'm Walkin' Solo
10. Silk and Ivory
11. Swim
12. Revelation
13. Lights of Dawn
14. Thesis
15. Knot the Freize
16. Jesus Owns
17. Sam Pan Boat
18. Fearless Men
19. Cheryl
20. Country Girl
21. Old Man
22. King

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