The legendary Oscar synthesizer takes centre stage to allow Correlations to explore a heavier electronic palette on second LP ‘Night Acquisitions’. The new album, presented on deep red cassette shell + digital download, follows last year’s pastoral LP ‘Before The Heat’ and recent 7-inch ‘You Don’t Talk For Me’.

Also making an appearance on the LP is Toydrum’s Pablo Clements, as co-writer of the title track, whilst Simon James of Black Channels, The Simonsound and Akiha Den Den plays on and has co-mixed and mastered ‘Night Acquisitions’.

It was whilst working on tracks with Toydrum that Correlations’ Neil Hale first got to use the Oscar synthesizer and, backed up with other classic bits of kit, it’s unsurprisingly underpinned many of his compositions since. A few of the tracks featured on Night Acquisitions started life during these sessions.

Film scores including Steven Price’s Oscar winning compositions for ‘Gravity’ and that of Ben Wheatley’s ‘A Field In England’ also proved a big influence, as the tracks on this latest Correlations’ LP took shape. So, dare you take the red pill?

Tracks 1-14 written & produced by N.Hale. Track 1 co-written with P.Clements. EMS played by Simon James. Cassette cover art & layout by Eric Adrian Lee.

  • Includes unlimited streaming of NIGHT ACQUISITIONS via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more

01. Night Acquisitions
02. High Tide
03. Misty Morning
04. Downtown Comedown
05. Unsafe Space
06. They Live
07. Journey to the Light
08. Fade Out
09. Lines
10. The Runner
11. Cuba
12. Open Mind
14. Looking In
14. Signs

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